Leather Care

My Jacket got wet what should I do?

Hang it dry: Use wide wooden hanger to keep its shape intact. Hang the jacket in an airy place and away from direct sunlight. Use leather wax afterwards.

My jacket has got wrinkles, how do I remove them?

We recommend that you take your jacket to a professional leather cleaner. However, if you wish to do it yourself make sure you don’t iron your jacket directly. Place a piece of cloth on top of your jacket and iron it quickly please also make sure that the iron is not too hot.

Is my jacket waterproof?

Leather is water resistant but not water proof. Try to avoid rain as much as you can especially if your jacket is made with Nubuck or Suede, as these materials are prone to absorbing water.

If you wish to waterproof your jacket please look into beeswax waterproofing products.

I’m not going to wear my jacket in the summer where should I store it?

Don’t store your jacket in a damp place, don’t fold it, put it in a jacket cover and hang it where the leather could breathe.